Our company has won the bidding of the project to construct Pujiang College of Nanjing Tech University
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Recently,our company has won the bidding of the project to construct Pujiang College of Nanjing Tech University after several rounds of negotiation.The tender price is nearly 2 billion and a signing ceremony has been successfully completed in Nanjing.
The project of Pujiang College of Nanjing Tech University lies to the west of Ninggao New Channel in Shiqiu Town of Lishui District and the project lies to the north of the road to the airport.This project ,which is the biggest one in the investment promotion of Lishui District,Nanjing,has attracted great attention.This project can be divided into four periods and its tentative contract price is 2 billion,covering construction, decoration, installation and so on.The tatal floor space of the project is about 600 thousand quare meters,among which 113,410 square meters should be completed in the first period.The total project is expected to be finished in 500 days and the estimated date of completion is August,2016.
The winning of this bidding shows that our group has opened up new market in Nanjing and Lishui District will be the starting point where we make our brand known in the city of Nanjing.
This project is said to be a college in a totally new pattern which is co-operated by Nanjing Tech University and Zhengda Group from Thailand.Their cooperation in Pujiang College will lead to a change in application-oriented colleges like Pujiang College which is based on the developing direction of the markets home and abroad.This project aims to train compound talents who are experts in their majors and who are good at foreign languages.All these efforts will make the students more qualified in the job market and achieve the transformation of application-oriented colleges.

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